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01-13-2009, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by cottonking View Post
Let's tap the brakes just a bit on Sydor. He got undressed twice by Pavel Datsyuk tonight, but Pavel Datsyuk does that to a lot of NHL defensemen. I watched the Ducks, Sharks, Devils and Wings games all in person (first time in a looooong time ...) and my impression from Sydor in all 4 games was the same, "he's just a guy at this point ... not that good, not that bad, just a guy." Sydor's history with the organization, his Cup rings and his combativeness all -- in my estimation -- help make him attractive as a cagey vet to mix in with all our defensive youth. Now, obviously, none of that matters if he can't play, and I don't have any evidence to suggest to you that he can, other than to say that's not what I've seen the last couple weeks.

We went into this season with Zubov, Robidas, Daley, Boucher(Sydor), Niskanen and Grossman, a very nice group of 6, with the Janik's and whoevers sitting on the periphery. Zubov's injury has exposed everybody but Robidas in my estimation -- people are being asked to do more than they're maybe capable of. Niskanen in particular hasn't looked as good this year without Zubov as he did last year with him. We'll either get Zubov back next season or we'll get his $5m back; either way, Robidas and Daley won't be our 1/2. If Sydor's back next season, he'll be a 6/7D, which is probably where he belongs at this point. He hasn't been nearly as bad as some of the appraisals I've been reading on here; he's maybe been overmatched at times, but look at that Stars lockerroom this season and show me someone who hasn't.
Good to hear you're back in country. He's just too slow out there on the ice to do anything anymore. He's constantly on the ice, be it from getting turned around or pushed, but the thing that kills me about him is that he's getting caught flat-footed too much now. The latter is a sign of laziness, not diminished skills, and it's not a sign I thought I'd see out of the guy.

Sydor shouldn't be on the team next year. That's my point from above and why the despair when they made the trade. He's not deserving of the ice time Tippett would give him and there are better options in-house.

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