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08-04-2004, 03:30 AM
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With the wage bill already at $30m, the figure of circa $50M looks a decent bet as has been stated previously on these pages. Just a question though. The CBA is about most teams losing money each year and so making the wage bill more manageable, but whilst in the past I,m sure the Lightning have lost money, presumably after a Stanley Cup winning, we have surely banked a few $$$$$. Any idea how much we might have made over the run, particularly with a couple of 7 game series thrown in, and the extra TV money.

I assume that this is paying for the extra payroll, and that the owners have not just decided to throw another $20M at the team. In the UK for example, if your soccer team stays in the Premier League (the highest level of 4 divisions), you are guaranteed at least 15M in TV money distribution, plus extra money for each match shown live. Do these same principles apply in the NHL, or is it a fixed amount for each team?


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