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01-14-2009, 10:11 PM
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Originally Posted by torero View Post
i was also nursing the same idea !!

And after all, their are some teams that have goaltenders issues (NYI + others) and Gerber's image is certainly not the one of a starter goalie but could be a backup in a decent team. i still would not be surprised that he be picked up by a team ... like Coyotes did with Aebischer ... Gretzky wasn't ready to pay huge sums for goalies so he just hired 3 goalies at cheap price ... to be disatisfied with 2 out of 3 and grab Brizgalov when he was waived. Curtis joseph also found a job after a good Spengler cup !

whatever .. we wish him all the best ... Go Gerber Go
from everything I've read it seems the most likely scenario is Gerber is sent on a "conditioning stay" in Binghampton for two weeks. During that time they try to shop him. Will there be any takers? There is certainly a lot of suspect goaltending in the league right now, though again those teams may not want to pay something for Gerber (even a draft pick) if they can get him for free off the waiver wire.

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