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08-04-2004, 12:29 PM
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You know what's interesting, TB...

you bring up a good point in mentioning TGO's last season. It was disgusting what was able to go on with the Rangers' players. But what's real interesting is the Rangers did have Langdon, a guy who would fight anyone (and Campbell didn't play him much, but 5 minutes of ice time is not uncommon for many enforcers), and this still happened. Sometimes I question the effectiveness of an enforcer. I'd rather have a lineup made of players who don't need to be watched as much, which is what the Rangers had the last few seasons. Guys who can take a hit and initiate a hit. Heck, even with Simon, Barnaby and Purinton last season, Dunham was ran what seemed to be once or twice a game without retribution.

Point is, Darcy Tucker will go around agitating no matter what. No matter who the enforcer is on the other side. No matter who's on his side. Same for Nash. Same went for Ulfie and Kaspar and many others. That's the game. It's rough out there.

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