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Originally Posted by TheDrizzle81 View Post
While I was half crippled and ****ed up on LEGAL drugs today, I hobbled into a Petsmart and fell in love with this awesome looking cat. After spending time with it, I decided to adopt him. His name is Banzai Btw, lol. Anyhow, I have another cat here, who is insane btw. He has been with me for 5 years and is like my best friend. Anyhow, when they first met they hissed and growled and all this craziness. So I locked them in separate rooms. Has anyone done this before and have advice for me? How long will it take for them to get acclimated together. I may be higher than a kite right now (again legally lol) but I understand the hostility between them. Any advice?
A few years ago, my brother found a stray that used to live outside his ex's apartment building, so he decided to bring it home one night. At this point the cat was probably about 2 or 3 years old, and my dog had to have been around 7. Well, at first they didn't really get along. The cat would hiss at him and the whole nine yards, but I'd say after like 2 weeks, they were fine. They started playing with each other, and they would clean each others faces and everything. Eventually we had to get rid of the cat though, since my mom was allergic.
But right now my friend is having the same situation with her two cats. My neighbor out back had stray cats living under his bushes, and one of them had just had a litter of kittens, so I was able to rescue two of them. I had to take one to a shelter, but the other my friend took. As of now, the kitten is 5 months, and her other cat is 16 years old haha, so there's quite a difference. But the older cat absolutely hates the kitten. She hisses and spits and tries to swat at him, but meanwhile the kitten thinks she's just playing. She's had the kitten since I found it too, so it's been about 5 months and they're still really not even used to each other. The older cat kinda just minds its own business now, and it's not as nasty, but they still don't get along.

Originally Posted by ForsbergIsOdin View Post
Cats suck. Dogs are where its at.
Fo shiz! The only cat I've ever liked was the one my brother brought home.

Originally Posted by kicksave27 View Post
well i totaled my car missing a dear on the turnpike. I tend to go small game hunting, but I might go for deer next year, I owe them one. It's a moral imperative.
Well I hope driving up, another deer makes you total your car again, jerk. I can understand hunting if you need to live off of it, but shooting animals just for game is ****ing brutal. They don't bother anybody. They're just living in their wooded wonderlands and some *******s show up and start shooting them. I'm hoping for an animal uprise against all you hunters.

Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post

hahahah I too don't like Shakespeare either...never had a girl drag me through that(YET!)

Wow, most girls I'm with, the exception of the one I'm with now never ever let it go to a draw like that. I guess you could call that a draw?

I wonder what the females on this site take is on that subject. Do you guys drag your husband and/or boyfriends through agony?
Shakespeare is awesome, but then again I am a girl and I was an English major haha.

I've been single for forever, but me and my ex never really had any arguments when it came to the tv. Only thing was when I still hated Nascar and he would make me watch it every Sunday, but even then I eventually started liking it. We pretty much used to just watch movies all the time though. I was working at Blockbuster at the time so I got mad free rentals, and we were both pretty big horror fans, so we pretty much just sat around all the time watching scary movies hahah. Aside from that though, I have 2 brothers, which sometimes is torture but what can you do. I watch sports, but sometimes enough is enough when they have it on everyday. It's alright though, I make them sit through **** like Gossip Girl and chick flicks. Usually I'll just go out in the kitchen or up to my room to watch something if they're down there though. I mean in general I'm not really picky, and I don't drag guys to watch girly ****, I just use it as a tactic to get back at my brothers.

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