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01-15-2009, 06:00 PM
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Originally Posted by shamski7 View Post
yeah me too... i just got my associates and now im going to work full time. i plan on going back for my bachelors part time once i get settled in.
Originally Posted by dbr2 View Post
I didn't go to class a lot. But, I'm back in school and going this semester.
Can I give some advice to you guys?

In high school, I bascially took a similar approach -- I was focused more on working than caring about college and then in my senior year, I really goofed off. I ended up not being accepted anywhere (and frankly, I'm smart, so I was essentially a moron for ****ing around in high school) and ended up going to BCCC.

I ended up never looking back. I got into the 2+2 program at BCCC (transfers all credits to a certain instiution you sign an agreement with) and I then went to Temple. I got my bachelors degree and I still worked and had fun. I gave it my all and I glad I did.

Also, EARLY on in my senior year of college, I went out and got an internship. Not many of my peers did this. I signed on with a pretty respected firm in center city, and then EARLY on, I started looking for full time jobs.

Guys, I'm not the smartest person in the world. At all. In fact, I'd say I'm pretty street smart, but book smart is something I am just not, nor will ever be. But in showing a lot of companies some maturity, drive, and desire, I got a lot of offers BEFORE I graduated.

No complaints now -- I work for Pepsi and I am in my 3rd building and just got my 1st promotion. There is nothing wrong with working and taking time off, but I know I like making money and saving up to buy a house. Then, when I walk into the restaurants and mall stores in my area and see kids who I went to high school with, its a little more gratifying telling them what I do now for a living, especially if they were jerks in HS.

A lot of us are motivated by different things, but I quickly found out what motivated me and I've never looked back. Just my .02

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