Thread: Line Combos: What is your ideal 4th line?
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01-16-2009, 07:49 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by Celestial Black View Post
That's not the fault of their 4th line who wasn't expected to do anything except provide a consistent checking/pressure line. If anything they or achieving more than most would have thought. The problem is the fact that major players are simply not showing up like they should/were expected too. I'm more worried about working out the problems with our top 3 lines and not our 4th.
If you expect nothing and accept get nothing...and that's what they get offensively out of those bozo wingers...All summer long Renney talked about getting offense from all four lines....and all year we have gotten crap from SJostrom and Orr...Yet they play no matter what...Look, they have earned their place on the team with their very limited roles and some decen bit not great defense, they justdon't belong out there every night..

And again, nobody is arguing that we have to straigthen out the top 3 lines..I just thought this thread was about the 4th line which has some strengths at times and some majore weaknesses most of the time, even when compared to other 4th lines...

Hell, BEN EAGER has more goals then out 4th line COMBINED!!!! Don't know how people can be satisfied with 14 points all year from these guys even if they play decent defense..I they threw in some offense, they would be fine

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