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08-05-2004, 11:40 AM
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Originally Posted by stardog
A year ago he was looked at or viewed in alot higher regard than he seems to be viewed in now.
A couple of his size the thing that is keeping him out of your teams top 20?
And not to knock on your prospects because you have some very good ones, but up until this trade deadline and draft year your cupboard was kind of bare in terms of depth. I would think that a guy with his scoring ability would be able to crack your top 10 before this draft.
What gives?
What is his realistic shot at ever making the NHL and playing regularly? I realize that with his size comes alot of questions, but does he have an NHL level skill set and speed? I mean is it only a lack of size that is holding him back?
The Pens have a guy like that (Ben Eaves, brother of Patrick) who is very small but has NHL speed, skill, heart and grit. He should be able to overcome his size concerns because of this. Is Dawes in roughly the same boat? Will his other assets help him overcome his size?
people are a lot more higher on our other intriguing prospects, I agree that Dawes does get shafted a bit because of his size despite him having a better track record and probably being the better prospect at this point and time but you should not underestimate our depth because it is more then likely you would not know much about these guys given they are not prospects you follow or can research with much insight being available

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