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01-18-2009, 10:01 PM
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Cube s perfectly fine. He hits a bit less than previous years, and doesnt look as good as when he was paired with Gorges, but he s doing a fine job imo for a 5th D. Playing with Brisebois ist exactly the best way to make you look good either.

Patrice has been playin well, actually better than pretty much any other 7TH D in this league !!! just a little too much recently, (Obyrne+Dandy out) but hey, is it his fault that he plays when Carbo asks him to? If the management doesnt want to play Weber instead dont blame Patrice for that.
He s tired now and it shows, Imo he s at his best when he plays like 2-3 games and takes a break for the next one. When he s not fresh thats when he does those stupid mistakes (lazy interference penalty, or doesnt play physical at all) I d even say, imo again, that those mental mistakes he makes, well it s to be expected if he s tired....

Btw, apparently Dandenault was skating apparently ? I wouldnt be surprised to see him back after the all star....

Last thing, I m just tired of those supposed fans that bash every players they dont like, I dont call these people Habs fans, well at least not real ones like most on this website.

Unfortunately it s always the one that yells the louder that you re gonna hear, not necessarly the one that s right.

To those poeple : you re supposed to wish them well and not insult them even if they take the place of your favourite prospect.

/rant off

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