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08-05-2004, 10:12 PM
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It's just a tough situation.

TWC knows MSG is no longer a top channel, and other than NYR/NYK in the winter and spring, theres absolutely nothing to watch on it, and barely any money to be made. You can't blame them for not wanting to pay... not wanting to pay more than about 30% less than they did for YES, I hear.

On the other hand, MSG still carries 2 huge sports teams... Rangers and Knicks... and in a market as big as NY, there is no reason that Cablevision shouldn't get paid for owning them. As bad as both teams have been the last few years, these are still teams with rich histories and huge fan bases throughout the metro area. Although MSG shows nothing other than live games... when you think about it all YES shows other than live games is yankees yankees yankees. You can't blame MSG for wanting close to what TWC is paying YES.

What I take from all the propoganda being thrown around between these 2 is that TWC is looking at it in context; MSG as a channel is not as valuable as YES, so Dolan should recieve less than YES did. While Cablevision is looking at it comparably; YES carries the same amount of teams, in the same market, with the same sized fan bases, so they should recieve the same as YES.

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