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08-06-2004, 12:18 AM
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Granted, the whole sex for sam fiasco was in bad taste, ONA have publicly admitted that. But it was blown out of proportion entirely by the media, Infinity, and the catholic league. It wasn't a "live on air play by play sex act" as some people would say. In fact, the courts couldn't even prove that it had even happened! I mean, the court eventually let the female participant go...I think they only gave the "spotter" (Mercurio) 7 days community service, and that was for mainly mouthing off to the cops. The male participant, however, suffered the worst fate of all....he died of a heart attack last September (eerie, eh?).

Alot of the blame can be laid upon Infinity for approving Sex For Sam in the first place. They even had promos for it months prior!! And this was the 3rd S4S they had done. Why did Infinity approve this? Well, because ONA were paid to push the envelope. Having an edgy show that pushed people's buttons creates good ratings and alotta cash, and that's what the ONA show did for Infinity. Infinity shut them out when everything turned sour.

If you honestly think no one will listen to ONA on XM...think again. The fans haven't moved on. and Wackbag (one of their unofficial message boards) has been swamped all day. There's even talk about a comedy central or spiketv show. They're more popular than they were when they were with Infinity!

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