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01-20-2009, 12:27 PM
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I saw this show up as I scrolled down the Nucks board... thought I could provide some advice as I've bought lots of skates before up here in Canada where the sales reps are quite good.

1 - in your situation, goto one of these stores that has been recommended by the above posters. goto a place that specializes in ice sports if at all possible. hockey, figure skating, ringette, etc

2 - be willing to pay a little more for good service. you want the skates to fit properly and are making a rather large purchase. the worst thing is wearing skates that don't fit or arent comfortable. get them to size you up.

3 - no need to wear "thin socks" - wear whatever you would like to for playing hockey. myself, i wear a thicker sock because my feet will begin to freeze and it's rather painful.

4 - get the store to heat mold them. they heat the skate up, and then tie them up on your feet. helps the break in process.

5 - break them in... will probably be akward and moderately painful for the 1st bit. you may have to tighten/loosen the skates as you play. if your old skates had short blades on them, you will feel like your "leaning back" a bit... it's due to being on a higher blade that hasn't been grinded down all too well.

6 - take good care of them. get your skates sharpened at a good place. i cannot stress this enough. in LA i'm sure it's worse too. if you have someone that doesnt know what they're doing, they will complete ******* up your skates, and you will get them replaced, which isn't cheap. poor skarpeners will "rock" the skate on the stone... (think of well worn skate blades that have no blade on the toe or heel - the skates have been rocked improperly or the guy just refuses to buy new blades)

from personal experience, make sure the skates have the right width. i have a wide foot and a skate that is too narrow absolutely throbs my feet. it's a terrible feeling.

don't be afraid to shell out some decent money for a higher end pair. they will last you for years, and you will be happy with your purchase a year or two down the road.


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