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01-20-2009, 01:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
has Prucha been a liability out there? Has he played well positionally defense? He was out there against top lines on many occasions and he wasn't the reason they scored (I think he was scored upon a couple times - once, I believe, was a horrific pass up the middle by Dawes as he was skating and the other was when he was in the offensive zone, and rightfully so). So, if he doesn't score for a couple games, is that a good enough reason for taking him out? Is that the only measure for this guy? To be honest, I think that's quite ridiculous. He's expected to get 30 goals in a season while playing around 12 minutes per night and taking a PP shift here and there. Again, that's a joke. There are three lines that aren't working. Drury/Dawes/Prucha never had chemistry. They did well for two games because Prucha seemed to be really on and the other two fed off it, but that only lasts for a few games. Move Prucha around before taking him out, especially considering not one line appears to be set or doing overwhelmingly well. Switch Prucha and Korps (heck, Korps is a right winger and Prucha's a left winger, any event, see how they do in their natural, most comfortable positions - see how Prucha does with a bigger body (and he's played well with Dubi in the past). See how Drury and Dawes do with a bigger, faster body. Why not? The lines are getting switched around if you bring in new blood, so why not just try to switch the lines around?
I don't think Pruchas expectations are to get 30 goals...(I dont think he will sniff 20 goals again in this league let alone 30) I think the truth is Prucha is a bit player and when he isn't creating scoring chances or scoring on his opportunities he is useless to the team. This isn't a Renney problem, this is Pruchas problem. This is a results league...nothing more....

I have no problem switching Prucha with Korps but I can see why Renney wants to make the lineup chance.....If it were me I'd probably keep Korps in the lineup and take Sjostrom (who sucks) out of the lineup...

My problem with Prucha is he just isn't the same player he was THREE SEASONS ago....It's not Renney that did that to him....It's Prucha who did it to himself...Prucha has turned into a cheap excuse to knock Renney......To me it's garbage...It's complaining for the sake of complaining.....People should look at Pruchas stats and ask themselves "what does this player bring to the lineup? Effort? on some nights but all things being equal wouldn't you want a larger body to give you the same effort if both players aren't scoring?

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