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01-20-2009, 09:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules801 View Post
You'd actually get past that feeling relatively quickly. I understand that fear, but when I was in FTO (field training program....basically, riding along for 14 weeks), it was impressed upon me that 99% of the job is making a decision. Whether right or wrong, making it is the important part, because -- in all honsestly, it's really hard to make a wrong decision - there are so many ways to handle various things (use of force aside).

But, the metal aspect can be tough. Not so much the burden of "responsibility", but just some of the BS and moronic things people do and say. You really are a glorified babysitter a lot of times, and it can be draining.

But honestly, it's worth all the crap. It's the best job in the world (for me at least).
Do you get to keep the drugs you get off the 16 year olds?

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