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01-21-2009, 09:21 AM
with the 10th pick..
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
You might feel that the calls were bogus but he took three minor penalties. And the fact was Renney could not trust him on the ice the second half of the third. He's second in PIMs on this team after Orr and he doesn't fight like Orr does. And I really fail to see the scrappy-ness you mention and I'd rather not give Philly, Boston or Jersey extra power plays.

But they're more factors than just the penalties (and interesting that you picked up on the penalties when I never alluded to them) . He's simply not a good enough skater especially on a line with Dubinsky and Zherdev.
he did ok to start the season with them. back then, voros was a stud. what happened? he seemed to compliment their games with his style of play and that line had enormous early success. now hes like the anti christ. i dont get it.

hes a big guy, he hasnt played much of late, once he gets back into it and gains some confidence i would plug him back into the 3rd line and let him bang.

i have no problem with renney parking him while were protecting a lead. coaches play the players that warrant ice time especially in the 3rd period. thats hockey. but i find i comical that he puts orr out there when the guy cant hardly skate a lick.

again, i have no problem with his penalties if hes fighting and scrapping. if hes lazy, thats a problem but i just didnt see it that way. his game is physical. hes gonna get some calls against and for.

he needs pp time. thats where he can make the biggest impact for this team. parked in the crease occupying 2 defenders creates space for the skilled guys.

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