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Originally Posted by NYIsles1
Why should TWC pay Dolan anything near what they pay YES? Yankees own the town and the media and will own it all thru another hockey season.

Maybe you can talk about a huge fan bases for the Knicks, but putting the Rangers in the same sentence with the Knicks makes no sense. They are not a major sports team in this market. It's hockey. No media, no coverage, poor seasonal ratings.

There actually is good hockey programming but James Dolan does not want to promote the local teams that do make the playoffs on his systems so he pays the Islanders 300 million until 2030 to hide them on Metro or Fox which is a great deal considering what the entire league got from Espn. Meanwhile when he put
Islanders-Leafs on Msg for one game they got better ratings than Dolan's most valuable sports programming, the Mets. Proving good programming draws good ratings and bad programming does not which is why ABC/Espn had enough of hockey.

If this goes on much longer TWC will forget baseball and let Dolan explain to Wilpon why he should make any deals with Msg for future Mets games? After that the next key moment is when Knicks games begin because that's Dolan's meal-ticket.

This will not be settled over hockey.
I'm not saying they should or shouldn't. From a TWC point of view, all of your points support the fact that they don't want to pay nearly as much as they did for YES. But, YES only shows Yankees. Yankees pregame, games, post game, reruns, classics, yankeeography and so on. The Nets and Mike and Chris are about the only other things YES shows. MSG can look at that and say we show the Mets (not as valuable as Yanks), the Knicks (certainly more valuable than Nets) and MSG also carries and Rangers, who atleast for a hockey team do have a large fan base and are the most valuable hockey team in the area.

Plus, Cablevision directly owns and station and 2 of the teams that play on it, so to accept lower than what he expects would be to de-value his biggest assets.

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