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08-06-2004, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Malakhov
And you also want Ribeiro out of Montreal, I think you have something against good players.

I'd take Thornton with the Habs any days of the week and twice on sunday.
i want ribeiro out of montreal because i hate his ATTITUDE not his talent .. same with thornton, heavily talented poor attitude ..
sure i'd take thornton skillwise but i dont think we have the assets for him 1st(unless we trade all our team) 2nd the fact that he won't get us to cup by himself...
btw I really think that ribeiro is underrated on this board skillwise .. he's probably the most skilled forward on our team while everybody just remember his ''acting'' from last playoff..
Here are the 3 reasons why i want him out of montreal:
1- He shows no work ethic ... he was drafted in 1998 and he almost didnt work his flaws since then(except skating.. and he's still very slow)
2- He's a small forward that can't play the physical game (ala Koivu) we can't play with just small center .. so you choose him or koivu .. I chose koivu because: 1-he's our leader, 2-he's an inspiration of courage on ice, 3- He's here since we drafted him in 1993,4- he's our captain, 5- He play with grit and passion consistenly
3- He rarely show up on important game (see playoff)

btw i never said go trade him .. he's useless or anything ..
IF we trade him .. we need to get AT LEAST good value .. in other words: He's expendable if we fill a need at another postion..

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