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01-21-2009, 11:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Tafkak View Post
Buckeye (and their prices) are absurdly disgusting, I know a letter won't do much but it's worth a shot I guess.
I called them once about a year ago when we actually had TWO FSN Ohio channels for some reason for a few months... I was hoping that meant as soon as stupid basketball season started the Jackets would get one channel and the dumbasses would get the other channel.... no dice. The latter got both channels for a few weeks, then the other FSN magically disappeared. I called Buckeye Cable about it and they had no ****ing idea what I was talking about. When I lightheartedly suggested perhaps they should listen to what some of their customers say since we're paying to keep their lights on for them, the guy got all nasty and said that if I didn't like their [****tty] service I "should get another cable service. Oh wait, you can't, we're all you got. Bummer."

I called back and pretended I was somebody else and asked to talk to the manager... got the same trailer park hillbilly, and he claimed he WAS in fact the manager. Glad to know where our money's going every month.

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