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Originally Posted by ECWHSWI View Post
Explain ? I really need to explain to you that reg season and playoffs are two different things ?

Do I also need to throw the Flyers (reg season last year : 4-0) and Bruins (last year reg season 8-0) example as to why reg season record doesnt always translate in the playoffs ?

Or! maybe I should mention thoses Flyers and Bruins did have a losing record against us, dominated from the beginning to the end of the reg. season ?

Nah! I won't bother with all that, I'll let you freak out about two losses

Just thinking though, are you assuming we would beat the NYR cause we have a great record against them ?
I have been following the Habs for more years than your age ( I think ) so I am not freaking out at all about a couple losses.

What has worried me for most of this season is that this team will have a difficult time beating those teams I mentioned. Season records are just that ...season records , they only get you to the dance.... but this team plays a soft style( I won't say Euro) for the most part and compared to those teams I mentioned who play a more playoff style during the regular season they will have a difficult time. You can't have a bunch of perimeter players and expect to go far. Do you not agree?? Yes I like the Habs and all but if it doesn't concern you with the style they play and that D , then lets agree to talk after the playoffs and see who is right!!

This team really needs to make a move or two and use up some of the excess young talent to go far.Guys like Chips, Pleks maybe to bring in a Nathan Horton who's style is made for the playoffs. They also really need to find a PP type player with some toughness on D.

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