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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Why is it we're always so easily beatable only to Habs fans?..

Boston lost to St-Louis not too long ago..the worst team in the West. What does this means??..How can anybody expect them to make it far in the POs when they can't beat St.Louis right??..They need a few changes in their line up I guess..
Ya, great logic.

This is all BS.

So we had two bad games, and??..
What about our 11-2-1 record since losing Price-Koivu-Higgins-Tanguay-Dandy-Laraque and before those 2bad games??..
All we were hearing is how good we were without our 1st line, and now we only have a decent chance of getting to round 2 if we play NYR??..yea okay there buddy..

Now we're getting some players back, they're clearly and understandably going to be a bit rusty.

Yeah we played 2 back to back poor games. So, this means we probably can't beat Boston, Washington, New Jersey, Philly, in the POs..

Well, Philly lost to TB couple games back.
Bruins squeaked one out of Toronto in SO after loss to the Blues, not quite the solid back to back performances.
Devils are now on fire, but lost back to back games, one of which was a 4-0 loss to Thrashers before turning it on.
Washington are 3-4 in last 7Games.

Please explain to me how those team are THAT much better than us?..
We beat Bos in a game 7 series last year. I don't see how they're playing that much differently than they were in the POs.
We beat them last season when our key things collapsed (PP, Markov, Streit, injured Komi/Koivu playing)

Everybody has to step up their game in the POs, it's unpredictable to know how a team will perform. That's why there's always a lot of upsets, all sports combined.

Out of all the teams you've listed, except NJ when Marty comes back, none have a better goalie. None have a better defense, and none really has a much better offense (maybe WSH).

On paper, we're all pretty much even. Except Boston that's up there for some reason, NJ-WSH-MTL-PHI-NYR are all evenly matched and that's why there's only 4pts that separates us all.

Sure a few tweaks would help our team, most importantly a Dman, but come PO time, it'll be anybody's game. Either team can win or lose.

You should at least wait for us to get Higgins/Tanguay back and give them some games to find their rhythm back along with Koivu before stating we won't beat any team other than NYR in POs.

We had 2bad games after going 11-2-1. Can you imagine if teams made changes to their rosters by trading players whenever they lost 2games in a row???..

Take a chill pill, it's all pretty even in the East from 1st to 6th, even if Boston is quite ahead.
Listen to the man ladies & gents , we all know what important to make our way to the playoff , we all know its a different game

Kriss E same p.o.v , parity

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