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01-22-2009, 03:04 PM
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Originally Posted by BigFatCat999 View Post
I'm gonna post something I posted on the NP boards:

Draft Picks:

Nsh 1st
Nsh 2nd Minnesota's 2nd
Nsh 3rd Ottawa's 3rd
Nsh 4th Toronto's 4th Ranger's 4th
Carolina's 5th (Nashville's 5th lost to rid the team of the corpse that is Nick Tarnasky)
Nsh 6th
Nsh 7th Philly's 7th

I expect more to added if/when DeVries or Koistienen are traded.
__________________________________________________ ______________________________

Who will be on the roster next year (Pre-trade deadline)

-Arnott -Dumont
Legwand- -Erat


Now, here's where the speculation begins and I want comments on how I could be wrong.

Using the cap numbers on I took how much the team has spent so far on players this year and subtracted how much in salaries has already been committed next year. Now most would say that's too much money, the Preds are hurting financially and will have to cut salary. I counter that's not really possible since the team is on or near the cap floor as is. I feel this years numbers are a safe bet.

Once I did the math, well, my Victor 2640 caluclator did, I got 11,994,200 for 6 forwards and 3 defensemen to be signed. Sulzer has been given a spot at 600,000 which brings the numbers down to 11,394,200 6 forwards 2 defensemen. The money doesn't seem like much but most of the spots on the roster are for the bottom half of the roster. One of the benifits of having a good, YOUNG, defensive core is that they are cheap and that money can go towards the forwards. The 2 defensemen salary spots are for the #6 and #7 defensemen and 4 of the forward spots are for 3rd and 4th liners. if you count down with me, there is a good chance the team with have quite a bit of money when it's all said and done.

600,000 Sulzer
693,867 Cody Franson (AHL all-star, he finally earns his way to Nashville)

Basically, the defensive core is set. the Preds can sign a cheap JAG (Just another guy) defenseman to fill the doormat D spot
Next comes the forwards and this is where a bunch of question marks come in. Will the kids be good enough for prime time?
Here's what I THINK Poile could do which could save the team money and maybe put the team in the running for someone better than the supposed 2 line winger most think they could get.

1,131,830 Jones RFA (I have no clue what he could get but I'm just going to guess he get's his current contract plus 15%)
624,250 Pihlstrom RFA (Same deal but I'm just adding 10%)

Now, here's where I'm really guessing and the question marks come in. This team will have a lot next year Santorelli, Sullivan, Radulov. There are no answers for these questions but each one could only plesantly help David Poile in building this team. I'm going to assume that Santorelli CAN play on this level, Sullivan shows he can play only 10 minutes at a time, and Radulov is not a factor.

708,667 Santorelli

This leaves the team in a need for 1 defenseman, and 3 forwards minimum. The one defenseman is the #7 defenseman and 2 of the forwards are heading to the 3rd/4th line. Just to take up cap space let's say the Preds re-sign Nichol and Ward for the 4th line.

800,000 Nichol (This year's salary: 750,000)
750,000 Ward (This year's salary: 500,000. I'm over spending on him because this is a budget and it's better to over budget)

All that is left is a top winger and a number #7 defenseman. I'm assuming a 22 man roster to maximize the amount of dollars on fewer players.

600,000 JAG defenseman
6,085,586 top winger

After this the lines look like this:

-Arnott -Dumont
Legwand- Santorelli -Erat
Pihlstrom- Jones -Tootoo
Ward- Nichol -Smithson
Weber- Suter
Hamhuis- Klein
Sulzer- Franson
FA signing

With this come the question marks:

Would and does Sullivan deserve to be re-signed and for how much next season?

Is Santorelli ready next year?

Does the cap go down next year?

If Radulov does come back next year because the KHL is in deep?

And most importantly and which makes the above all mute:

What happens at the trading deadline?
you're forgetting our # 1 Prospect in our forward ranks in the form of Colin Wilson, a very good PP option for our anemic PP % (4-14 on the PP for the Terriers) - his shooting % is 3-40 in 5 vs 5 play

(UFA) - Arnott - Dumont
Legwand - Santorelli - Erat
Pihlstrom - Wilson - Jones
Ward - Nichol - Tootoo

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