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01-22-2009, 10:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Skraut View Post
As somebody who used to work on production crews, let me tell you, it's a tough gig. Chances are we got Edmonton's Away Team Crew last night.

FSN-OH took probably the director, a producer, and maybe a technician. Everybody else from the Chyron op (do they still call it that, I'm not sure Chyron is still in business, anyway the guy/gal who puts the text on the screen) to the TD (the guy pushing the buttons) to the VTR guys (The guys Gare is yelling at when he says, Go ahead, stop here, now speed up, slow it down) to the Sound board operator, to the video engineer (the guy adjusting the cameras so they have all the same color balance) to the individual camera operators are all locals from Edmonton.

Having been on the Away Team Crew for Cleveland sports, it's tough because Every team that comes in has a different director, a different style. Every director calls shots differently, uses tapes differently. Directors get in rhythms, and if you work with a director long enough, you get a feeling for the shot he's going to call next. Away Team Crews don't have that advantage. The graphics packages are different for the Chyron-op, I'm sure that person has to deal with packages from FSN, Altitude, CBC, Rogers, VS, etc. Every package is different, the fonts are different, the placements of words are different.

It's live sports. There's no do-overs. Mistakes happen in every job, but with live TV you can't say "Cut, take it from the top" You just go on.

I'm not making excuses for the people who are doing it, I'm just explaining that there's more that goes on behind the scenes that people aren't aware of. If FSN paid to fly the entire crew out to every game, they couldn't afford to put any games on TV. We would have gotten the same people if the game was broadcast on Sportstime Ohio.

Bowl games on the other hand there's no excuses for. The networks bring in their "best" for the games, and the crew usually travels to all the big events. Some can be said for spreading your talent thinly to cover all the events on the same day, but generally the production team travels together and works together. NBC brings everybody, Fox brings most and uses local cameramen.
I'm sure it was EDM's away crew. I'll agree with Skraut. There is a TON that goes on behind the scenes that may cause a director to get to a shot late, or whatnot. It's usually Christian Roberts, I think that directs Jackets games. I think Matt Sigafoose (sp) produces them. They work Reds games as well. I've worked some Reds games for FSN and I know how tough this can be. The good thing is, that it's live TV. Once it's's happened, you can't go back and do it over.

And somewhat OT, here is a clip, to provide insight of how tough directing live sports can be. This is from a baseball game, and the guys on videotape (replays) are bringing the whole show down, causing the director to blow a gasket. It's classic. Heavy warned.

There is a short pause in the middle. Don't give up on it!

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