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01-23-2009, 12:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Chipchura was incredibly disappointing. His problem is that in hockey terms, he's just ''there''. He doesn't stand out much because he's slow, not physical, bad on faceoffs, not all that talented offensively and plays with not much if any grit or fire. Sure he's good defensively and smart, and that that will probably get him a regular NHL job on another team, likely a poor one, but it won't be enough here it looks like. This was his big chance and he blew it. Really looks like we wasted a 1st rounder on a player who had limited upside to begin with.

We now have just a shade under 1.9 M in cap space though. It goes down 7200$ every day with D'Ago and Pac still up.
Thank you !!

Finally someone who agrees with me !! I said it since day one that Kyle "Slowpoke" Chipchura was a wasted pick in 2004. It all looks like it...

Slowly, but Surely, people are starting to realize that this guy is a bust in the Making.

I can bet anything you want that Chipchura will never anything more than a Career AHLer.

Taking this kind of player that high in the draft (limited offensive upside, defensive minded and slow as hell) is such a waste. Players like Chipchura are raining in the AHL and there are probably better players in Europe. This guy is probably the worst selection of Trevor Timmins. He is the Brent Bilodeau or Terry Ryan of this new Era.

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