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Originally Posted by CBJHawks27 View Post
And somewhat OT, here is a clip, to provide insight of how tough directing live sports can be. This is from a baseball game, and the guys on videotape (replays) are bringing the whole show down, causing the director to blow a gasket. It's classic. Heavy warned.

There is a short pause in the middle. Don't give up on it!
Wow, that brings back some memories. That's actually mild compared to a few I heard live on the headsets. I'll have to keep that for the next time somebody says "That sounds like fun, why did you quit" Show up at Noon for a 7:00pm game, set up for 20 minutes, sit on your butt doing nothing for 6 hours (but have to set up early "Just in case" and yes it's been necessary before) Followed by 3 hours intense intense action, and an hour + of teardown.

Yeah it was fun at times, and I got to go a lot of places and see a lot of things that not many will ever see, but it was also a tough job, and one that's very tough to support a family on due to the inconsistency of sports schedules.

Yes, the director is the one ultimately responsible, but he can only put up what his crew members give him

I agree we could use some better packages profiling "Our" players instead of seeing stuff about Phaneuf because it's easy. I'd also really like to see lines shown at the start of the game. I know Hitch switches them 1 minute into the game, but at least show them to us at they start. Rims could also do a better job telling us who's out there. Yeah big hockey fans know, but I was watching the game with my Father the other day who doesn't watch hockey ever. I told him to watch for when Rick Nash comes out, and my father never knew he was out there if he didn't have the puck.

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