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01-23-2009, 11:13 AM
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Unless the recession turns into a protracted depression, the NHL will still be around. Very few teams are their owners' principal businesses, and those owners are able to absorb the losses for the time being. Some teams may have more difficulty than others (Nashville comes to mind), and as you suggest they may move. If anything what I would expect more is that player salaries will go down as teams trying to be more fiscally responsible will try to cut payroll.

Not sure about the AHL but I assume that since around half of them are owned by NHL teams and the relative costs are low, there wouldn't be a point in shuffling them around or selling them off. Hockey is not an industry in which you can just shutter up R&D.

For the Kings, they have a low payroll and are in a relatively strong hockey market. I doubt that they could go anywhere where their financial situation would improve (otherwise that new locale would already have the Predators).

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