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Originally Posted by Originalsix View Post
Another tip, regarding taking photo's in game and during pre-game events - lighting is a big issue. Even with a flash, the picture usually sucks hard or comes out grainy or dark. I've found on my camera and a buddies is that if you switch the mode to ISO (it'll be labeled ISO or something similar) you will get a better picture in low light situations, i.e. when the game is being played. With ISO, the shutter stays open longer, to get as much light in as possible, thus getting a better clear picture.
This is a good tip, although increasing ISO doesn't make your shutter stay open longer... it increases the sensitivity of the sensor inside the camera so less light is needed to take a picture. The downside of this is that you will get more "noise", little pixels of random colors. It's a good trade off though.

Take your flash off for sure... its only going to light up the first few rows of people in front of you anyhow and it will fool your camera into thinking there is enough light. Then all you'll see is the people in front of you lit up, and everything else will be really dark.

If you do these two things (flash off, iso increased), you should get some ok pictures. Just try to keep the camera steady because the shutter will stay open longer and you'll get blur if you move around. Good luck!

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