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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
That's so much what I thought. I really can't believe they'll move Lecavalier makes no sense...unless.....Lecavalier doesn't have a no-trade, does St-Louis already have one and already told them that he's not moving?

Guys...Here's a misson for you.....anybody want to move for the best of the Habs organization....

Tampa Bay as a job opening as a admin assistant......Ok job and the possibility to spy and give us the last details as far as Lecavalier is concerned...
I doubt they received outstanding offers for St-Louis.. I think what the Habs are willing to put on the table for Vinny is something they really have to think about..

Personally I would be surprised to see Vinny moved this season, I think its gonna happen at the draft.. With a long playoffs run, our kids will increase their stock and Gainey will be in a better position to not overpay.. Gainey will try to avoid to move away our better kids as much as possible, he will try to resign our RFA long term, that way, some guys will be moved more easily.. I think we cant trade a guy like Gorges right now, he is too valuable for the team right now, but once the season end, then you can start thinking about packaging him since I think guys like OByrne Weber can replace him eventually..

So everything is pointing in that direction, Im sure Gainey will be patient to be in the best posture to get Lecavalier without sacrifice the young core of the team..

Personally I would be extremmely desapointed If guys like Subban MaxPac Andrei K. would be involved in a deal..

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