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01-25-2009, 08:00 AM
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Originally Posted by JSaq View Post
If I was Paul Holmgren, I'd ignore Forsberg for these reasons.:

1. I have two centers that are supposedly the future of the team, both are in the top twenty in the NHL in scoring. I'm gonna sign a guy and bump one of them to "third" line status?

2. I have a massive and critical cap situation. If my big ticket FA addition from last year was healthy, I'd need to juggle at least 4 players around on the IR/minors or make a trade to fit him under the cap. Assuming Briere's healthy in 4 weeks, signing Forsberg makes the cap issue a harder fix.

3. Forsberg's injury history. Even if the cap can be cleared to fit both Forsberg and Briere, what happens when Forsberg gets hurt? Not to mention his lovely habit of deciding 8 minutes before the opening face-off that he can't go that night. With the questionable cap management and situation the Flyers are in, it's hard to have guys sitting around available when Forsberg makes himself a game time scratch.

4. The entire lead up to finding out whether he will or won't play is a distraction that obviously affected the team last year. No need to repeat that. .

5. If anything, the team needs help at defense. I don't think it's possible to add Forsberg and help the defense at the same time.
I agree with you. The nicest thing about adding a Forsberg (Sundin/Shanahan) is that you if you can add them, you don't lose anything from the team...whether it be a roster player, prospect or draft pick.

I agree with you on #5, as I have mentioned it a few times. We don't necessarily need Pronger, just that style. A Brendan Witt type guy for example.

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