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Originally Posted by Superman33 View Post
I have heard various stories from people that have met him out at bars and the jersey shore. On in particular the people saw him on the beach in I believe Avalon with Upshall and some other guys. They ended up talking and taking some pictures with Upshall and met up with them at a bar later. They said Upshall was much more talkative than Carter. They hung out at the house Usphall and Carter were at and Carter was trying to get with some girl and she shot him down, which caused him to be pissed and threw something at the TV.

I realize this is just story from a friend kind of thing, but the girl I talked to did have Upshall's number and a picture on her phone of him on the beach.

He just doesn't seem like the kind of guy that would go to an All-star weekend and talk it up with the other guys there. I have been in my fair share of All-Star games and there are always a mix of personalities. Some people love talking to the other guys and others just stay to themselves. I found the guys that were the only one from their team stay to themselves, while the guys there with other people from their own team talk it up with the other guys.
When I went to the Meet the Players session last season I almost got Carter's autograph but he was walking away with a security guard. I yelled "Jeff" and held up my pen and he looked at guard and went "Can't, sorry." and walked off. Meanwhile just before that he was with Cote who wasn't going anywhere and I leant Cote my pen so he could sign the jerseys for some little kids. It was amazing to see Cote with his "I'm not going anywhere yet" attitude but disappointed that Carter couldn't stay for one autograph, especially consider he's a hockey player and a security guard doesn't control him.

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