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---- Norway ----

1- Daniel Fredheim Holm, Forward, Norway, Vålerenga – 30/07/1985

This guy is just awesome to watch. He’s got it all: Great technique, pace, shooting and finishing. A very good footballer we expect great things from in the future.

2- Daniel Braaten, Forward, Norway, Rosenborg - 25.05.1982

Daniel Braaten could very well be the next big thing to come out of Norway. His biggest asset is his strength combined with great pace and good technique. Also a good finisher.

3- Thomas Sokolowski, Central midfielder, Norway, FC Lyn - 25.06.1985

“Soko” is a very honest player. Works hard for 90 minutes and is a constant threat due to his strong shooting. Very physical for his age. Originally born in Poland.

4- Christian Grindheim, Midfield/winger, Norway, FK Haugesund - 17.07.1983

Christian plays for 1st division side Haugesund, but would easily improve every club in the Tippeliga. Has got a great pace, pinpoint crossing and is also a great worker.

5- Trond Olsen, Left winger, Norway, Bodø-Glimt - 05.02.1984

Very speedy and is also a great 1 on 1 player. For a counter attacking team (Bodø-Glimt) a player like Olsen is invaluable.

6- Petter Vaagan Moen, Left winger, Norway, Ham-Kam - 05.02.1984

Great at set pieces and attacking down the left side, but needs to add some muscle in order too take the last step up among the elite players in Norway. Awesome left foot combined with great dribbling makes Moen a very intriguing prospect.

7- Jan Kjell Larsen, Goalkeeper, Norway FK Haugesund - 24.06.1983

Tall and solid goalkeeper that will get a lot of playing time in Haugesund. Hardly ever make mistakes, but will have to improve his game on crosses in order to take the next step.

8- Olav Thuelo Johannesen, Right winger, Norway, Sandefjord - 23.02.1984

This guy could very well turn out to be the best of these prospects…or the worst. Extreme qualities when it comes to technique and pace. Thuelo will be a very exciting player to watch in the future.

9- Trond Erik Bertelsen, Defender/midfielder, Norway, FK Haugesund 05.06.1984

Steady defender and one of the leaders in the young Haugesund squad. A safe player that most definitely will be a regular name in Norwegian football for years to come.

10- Kristian Flittie Onstad, Defender, Norway, FC Lyn - 09.05.1984

Like Bertelsen, Flittie Onstad is also a very steady defender. Is known to make great passes from time to time. Needs to get more consistant.

11- Alexander Gabrielsen, Central defender, Norway FK Viking - 18.11.1985

Alexander is a true ”offensive” defender. Has got great creativity with the ball and will often make difficult passes look easy. Need to get more physical and add more strength in order to become a regular feature in the Viking lineup.

12- Lars Iver Strand, Midfielder, Norway, Tromsø IL - 07.05.1983

Lars is a very quick and deceptive player with the ball. Scores a lot of goals from his offensive midfield position.

13- Kristoffer Hæstad, Central midfielder, Norway, IK Start - 09.12.1983

Ever heard of Erik Mykland? Well..Hæstad is the younger version of “Myggen”.
He’s small, he’s smart, and he just love too make clever little plays, just like his mentor.

14- Øyvind Hoås, Striker, Norway, FK Molde - 28.10.1983

In many ways Hoås reminds me of Tore Andre Flo. They are built in the same way, both are tall and both can do the most amazing things with the ball. Like Flo, Hoås lacks consistency..something he will have to work hard on in order to improve.

15- Børre Steenslid, Defender, Norway, Sogndal IL - 25.06.1985

Very solid player with great strength and a great header.


Per Ciljan Skjelbreid, Midfielder, Norway, Rosenborg - 16.06.1987

Despite his young age Skjelbreid has already made his Tippeliga debut for Rosenborg. Hailed as one of the greatest talents in all of Norway I left him out due to his age, but would still like to mention him here. Very elegant and creative player that plays with lots of confidence and brings out the best of his teammates. (He’d rank about 4th on my list…on potential only)

Jesper Mathisen, Forward, Norway, Start IK - 17.03.1987

Son of former Start legend Svein “Matta” Mathisen, Jesper Mathisen is making a name for himself in football Norway. He is the prototype forward: good header, explosive pace, great technique and awesome finishing skills; He brings everything to the table. Yet to prove himself on the highest level, but we expect great things from this young man in the years to come. Remember his name!

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