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01-26-2009, 11:13 AM
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Originally Posted by FrankMTL View Post
Ya seriously....I was gonna ask this. Every team seems to have a player they seem to always mention in trade talks and he's the one that comes up the most from the Canucks. We don't see him a ton out East..
the reason Raymond always comes up in trade discussions is because he is the canucks most marketable trade asset right now and if they are looking for short-term success (which the signing of Sundin combined with the contract status of all of the vets would lead you to believe), then trading Raymond for more immediate help makes sense.

Raymond is still very young (2nd year in the league, 1st full season), and has a lot of potential still... his speed, which really is at the elite level, gives him value around the league and combined with his rookie level contract, he becomes an attractive piece for teams looking to sell immediate impact talent for future potential.

as far as his fit on the canucks, he doesn't fit in well right now... but that, IMO, has more to do with his lack of experience and being at a stage in his development that he's still early in the learning process, than it does with his lack of skills. The canucks are a team that needs help now... not a guy who could be a great 2nd liner in a couple years, but one that is a great 2nd liner now... the canucks also have a young prospect who brings a similar skill set to Raymond that can replace him in the lineup in a year or two (Grabner), but may not return the same type of value in a trade because he's further back in his development than Raymond - GMs around the league have seen what Raymond can do already... Grabner is still more of an unknown at this point. So trading Raymond for immediate help, then replacing that short-term help with Grabner longterm, makes more sense for this team right now than banking on a still developing Raymond right now, and having both guys in the lineup in a year or two.

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