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Originally Posted by go kim johnsson 514 View Post
The contributions Goligolski has given the Penguins this season are far beyond expectations.
How to put this nicely? Umm......NO. I personally was expecting a 30-35 point year out of him if he stayed up the whole year, he's on pace for 32.

Originally Posted by go kim johnsson
Which is the fault of....
Dude, he's literally been the GM for 2 years, he's had 2 drafts, that's not enough time for anything. In his time with us so far, Holmgren has already drafted JVR who is a top-3 prospect, Marshall who is a very solid prospect, Kempe who is pretty interesting, Maroon who looks like a steal, Kalinski who looks like he could be a solid role player, and Phillips who is an N/A right now.

Then in 2008, he gets Sbisa who looks like a steal, Bourdon who is the best d-man in the Q apparently, and Ericsson who's interesting.

The mistakes so far would be Klotz and probably DeSerres.

You are crying a river over somebody who has never played North American hockey.

And what the hell do Fitzpatrick and Guenin have to do with anything whatsoever?

Also, explain to me how we would have traded for Carle without Eminger. Show me honest assets.

Would you have wanted to trade Giroux for Carle? Coburn maybe?

You and Jester both have this problem. You go on a whine rampage about something (although his usually make more sense) and then don't propose any concrete alternative solution.

You can't just say, "well, we could have traded for Carle anyways."

Tell me who we would have traded, would you have liked to deal Upshall for him? I don't think TB even looks twice at that before saying no.

Also, for all the crying about Markstrom, Detroit took McCollum over him, so where does that put Ken Holland?

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