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01-26-2009, 02:09 PM
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Originally Posted by Toro View Post
I'd give away that piece of junk too. Why any canadian or American would buy an overseas car in this day and age is beyond me. I can understand if you want to buy a rolls royce or something like that but an everyday automobile?

Yes I work at Chryslers and yes i want to keep my job. Thats why my plant in Windsor is one of the best quality and profitable factories anywhere. We work our butts off to make great cars and change people's perceptions about North American built cars.

If the reason to buy a car is quality, then look no further than Chryslers cause our quality is up there with the best of them. Our lineup is the best ever.

With everyone wondering what they can do to help our economy, try to buy goods made in Canada or the US. I know it is difficult to find products made here but it really helps. We have done this to ourselves by buying overseas products to the point that most products are made elsewhere now and we have an ever so shrinking supply of good paying full time manufacturing jobs.

We as a nation should demand higher minimum wages for hard working adults trying to raise a family. No Person over 30 working full time in this country should make less than $15-$20 an hour.

Places like Mc Donalds should be forced to pay their employees much more as they make their billions of dollars on us while supplying us with crappy food.

Our economy needs more high paying manufacturing jobs not less.

If we keep losing our manufacturing sector in this country there will be no getting it back. We will become a nation with Natural resources and little else. And in the next 10 years when oil becomes less and less needed as we start to drive hybrids and all electric cars, our economy will take another huge blow.

Start buying domestic products!!

rant rant
While I completely understand your point and find it really unfortunate that many are losing jobs, saying chryslers quality is equivalent to its European or Japanese counterparts is laughable. Have they made big strides in the last few years to raise quality? Yes. Have they built quality vehicles for a long enough time period to WARRANT people chosing their cars over others? Hell no.

The Big 3 screwed themselves over, never being able to build anything through the late 80s, 90s and into the 2000's that was more than just mediocre in every aspect. They never even seemed to care about raising their standards. THIS is the reason people buy cars from overseas. Remember, the people buying the car are living with the same economy and naturally want the best bang for their buck, they won't settle for lower quality at the same price. And so the vicious cycle you implied begins....

Edit: Hmm, this isn't a car forum

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