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Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
This is all great advice.

I communicated with the OP over PM a bit and found out that he isn't using hockey skates, and whatever he is using has an all 80mm setup (I'm guessing they're racing or XC skates of some sort). It doesn't take an advanced physics degree to figure out what's going on with wheels, but it definitely requires a little thought and a basic understanding of the machines you are strapping to your feet. Big wheels = fast. Small wheels = agility. Since you need both of these things to play hockey, obviously something middle of the road, or better yet (imo) a combination of both such as a Hi-Lo setup is what you need to be your best.

You definitely cannot overlook durometer/surface matching, though. I can skate on anything with anything, but once you know the difference that a proper setup makes, you'll want to do it right. Also, how well maintained the rink is also plays a significant role. Roller rinks don't have Zambonis like ice rinks do, and unless the people caring for the rink clean it regularly, the build up of sweat/dirt/dust/spit/whatever can seriously affect the grippiness of the surface.
i spent 5 seasons playing roller hockey in the off season that this part is very important. its hard to anticipate how slick the surface will be because almost no arena has the surface cleaned. if you can, get a test lap in before a game to guage how slick it is and try taking a damp towel to the wheels to try and dry them out a little bit or use something to make it a bit slicker if its too sticky(i beleive one of my ex-teammates used rub a little bit of wd40 or something of the sort with a towel on his wheels).

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