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01-26-2009, 05:52 PM
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You know what, I'm tired of this ********, I hope Saku decides to wave his no trade as of right now to leave the soap opera that is this team and then we'll see the hole he'll leave in the lineup, maybe only then will his time with this team be appreciated.

And no offense to anyone, but I rarely, infact I never see Saku being an issue in the english media, this is a problem exclusivly to the french media and has been a reoccurent problem for what 5-7 years now? It's just ****ing ridiculous.

Rds showed the stats of how well the team was doing without Koivu, but yet they failed to mention how they were embaressed by Atlanta the previous game without Koivu in the lineup. Give me a ****ing break, thats clearly trying to use the media to spread hate, kind of boarder line propoganda if you ask me.

The reason why the media keeps stirring the pot is because people listen and there are some people in this province actually agree with this, and if it were a small minority of people what would be the odds that they are all in the media. The issue is bigger than we think.

Read the rds talkbacks and you'll see that people actually think the way the media does and this why this crap is brought up over and over again. We just continue to complain to eachother and fight among one another instead of complaining to people that start this mess. Stop accepting this crap and start making a difference. If you truly want this issue to end you'll flood CKAC phone boards and complain, you'll write e-mail after e-mail to rds to make a change. If you sit and complain to other posters on this board nothing will happen.

Seriously this **** is enough, I am at a point where I hope Koivu leaves this team for his own sake and sanity and maybe a bit of my own.

I'm starting to wish we make Latendresse or Lappiere captain so I can stop hearing this ******** over and over again, because that's the only time it's going to is when a frecnh-canadian is captain.

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