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01-26-2009, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by #57 View Post
I've seen cheaper hits go uncalled... then again this shouldnt happen in a hockey thats for sure. Two things:

- Was the crowd really chanting '**** you state' ?? hahaha thats amazing

- The announcer said, and I quote: ''Conboy, who's really the enforcer/policeman of this club...''..... wow seriously what a great prospect we've got here.. an NCAA goon.
I was there and yes, that's what the crowd (well, mainly the student section which is about 1/3 of the crowd) was chanting LOUD and CLEAR.

What happened was just wrong. Kampfer's hit on Tropp was clean, then he gets up to skate up ice and Conboy just locked onto him from behind and cold cocked him (it brought up memories of Bertuzzi, minus the ride into the ice). Then Tropp with a pair of whacks to the head/neck region was beyond stupid, especially when you consider it was Kampfer who back in October was assaulted in an off-ice incident that left him with a fractured skull and neck (though I'm sure they weren't thinking about that and I'm not being sarcastic). If you're going to take up issue with Kampfer's hit, be man enough to go after him and challenge him, not blindside him.

I seriously believe Conboy needs to leave and either go major junior or sign with Montreal and go to the AHL. Remember, folks, this is the NCAA, where fighting is not allowed. Conboy's whole career has been almost nothing but penalties (210 PIM last year in the USHL, 76 PIM in 21 games this season and only five points). If he wants to goon it up and drop the gloves so bad, I don't see what the point of going the college route is where it's not tolerated.

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