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Originally Posted by Koseegin View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong and I'm pretty sure I'm not, but that guy you quoted, isn't he wrong because not all Quebecers see themselves as Quebecois, it's not a general agreement among every single francophone that they are a Quebecois nation, infact I have met several of french people who don't think they differ from the rest of Canada other than language and I'm not lying to prove a point.

I'm not saying that no one does, majority do, but not all believe that, which is what that guy is trying to imply.
There is a difference between feeling different and feeling persecuted.

I'm a Quebecer, french is my first language and yes I'm different in comparaison to others Canadians. Just like I'm different in comparaison to somoene who live in Abitibi, Val D'or or Gaspésie.

The point, we, the french canadians, are not currently persecuted by others english speaking quebecers or others Canadians. Some of us seems to enjoy the idea of the minority being perscuted by the majority (which is ''normal'' as a ''view'' in any minority group) but if you want to see what is really like being perscuted, just go back in time 60 years ago in Quebec or just look at some population around the world.

If you think you can't have a job, a decent life, being successful in your career while speaking french here in Quebec (and that because of the majority of Canadians), you really have a paranoia problem. Because that is being perscuted and discriminated.

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