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01-27-2009, 10:43 AM
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As a Tampa Bay fan you should know the mistake was to sign for 10 years with the Lightning!
If making a mistake could mean winning a Stanley Cup and making 10 million a year... I need to start evaluating whether I should make more of them myself

Do I feel bad for Vinny? I sort of do, he isn't the one causing all this noise. We just have owners that no one can believe a word that comes out of their mouth. They set the precedence of both dishonesty and doing some incredibly stupid things. That just helps feed the rumors. They cannot stop them because if the precedence that was set. Who is going to believe them?

Look, I'm sure Vinny would be received very well in Montreal, or any other team for that matter. In Montreal, he would get so buried in their history(not necessarily a bad thing) that he cannot even wear his own number. As good of a player as Vinny can be, I believe he would possibly not succeed in that high-pressure environment.

In Tampa, he is the franchise. He has a contract to play where he won a championship. The Lightning will no doubt retire his number, others that ever play there will be compared to him. More than that, I don't think any other player in Tampa (in all sports) has done as much for the community as he has. Years from now there should be a number 4 and 26 hanging from the rafters. Some will debate Marty, but it would be very appropriate for those two numbers to be retired the same day.

With all that said, it doesn't matter where Vinny plays, he will be a part of hockey history. He already made a choice to sign a long contract in Tampa. That already shows me what he wants to do regardless how much the Hab fans long for him. I can also see the lure of playing in Montreal, anyone who says otherwise is not much of hockey fan or they root for the Leafs. Lastly, keeping Lightning ownership from doing something stupid and trading him... thats another thread.

On a side note, I know its bait...but I'll bite this once:

No-one in Tampa Bay even know they have a hockey team
BBrowser: Walk into any of the youth (and even adult) hockey programs here and say that. Hockey is doing very well in Central Florida. We know what hockey is. Also, most people who live here are transplants from a northern region (or have ancestry that is). Florida teams don't suffer from a lack of hockey support or knowledge, its the multitude of those who can't seem to get behind a new team. All teams have this issue, just this high transplant environment amplifies it. It's not just hockey... BELIEVE me... the Bucs had problems with Green bay fans, the Rays still have Boston and New York fans to suffer with.

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