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01-27-2009, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by bassassin View Post
26th in the league is misleading, they are 9 points out of a playoff spot (dont get me wrong, realistically they wont make the playoffs but there is still an outside chance) they are 11th now have a game in hand. They are 9-5-1 in the last 15 games (even with epic choking against Phoenix and Florida)
26th in the league is not misleading in anyway, because that's what it is, 26th.
Sure, they have 1 game in hand. But Florida(9th East) has two, Toronto(11th East) has one as well, and Ottawa (13th East) has four. You also have the Penguins in 10th, a place they will most likely not finish in.

Bottom line is, it will be extremely surprising to see TB make the POs. If they don't, might as well finish dead last.

Originally Posted by bassassin View Post
Trading Lecavalier would not be the best thing for Tampa, the best thing for Tampa would be a top 4 dman, if not 2. The forwards are talented, but if Lecavalier is traded we lack high end talent. So thats why he stays as not only would we lack a number 1 centre and game breaking player, but the leader of the team/franchise.
TB needs more than just a top 4 Dman buddy. MTL needs a top 4Dman. So, you need much more than just that.
You have Vinny, Stamkos, St-Louis, Malone, Meszaros and Ranger that truly are interesting in your team. Artyukhin is also interesting because of his size. The rest of your team is quite mediocre.

Originally Posted by bassassin View Post
Draft picks/prospects are useless when most of the top 6 forwards would be early thirties by the time they are developed. Goalie is set and the d is young, as I said aquire a top 4 dman and have a whole year with Tocchet system and they make the playoffs.
You're too pessimistic. First of all, prospects are not 3-4years away from making the leap and some can already be playing in the NHL.
I don't watch TB so I don't know what system Tocchet uses, but with the chance of having Tavares/Hedman at the end of the season, on top of already having Stamkos, I'd opt for a rebuilding phase. If the owners aren't in financial problems, then there's no reason to trade Vinny but since everyone said they were, trading Vinny to get a bunch of prospects/picks can be very interesting.
Don't forget that good draft positions and prospects can also fetch you a good return.

TB was dead last in 07-08, instead of thinking intelligently and starting from scratch, they decided to sign anybody and everybody which ended up with 17 new players. Maybe that's just me, but i don't think that's good management.

Originally Posted by bassassin View Post
The way this team is going is up, if you had watched them at the beginning of the season and for the past 20 odd games, you would see a MASSIVE difference. And yeah Vinny didnt have much problem signing a lifetime contract even after seeing Richards traded and Boyle forced out, so I dont think it is as much of a problem as you are making out. I mean if a franchise centre will sign why wont other players whether they are UFAs or not?
Vinny at the moment of his signature was not rumored to be shopped around and the team didn't look like a zoo. They had a bunch of new players, a new coach and looked forward to a new season.
The year starts, and all hell breaks loose. Rumors of team going under, coach gets fired after what..10games?..rumors of Vinny getting traded pop up after having been reassured that they would never move him, etc..
So don't try to make it seem as if nothing changed since his extension. I'm not saying he wants out, just said he might be very disappointed. He might not. We don't know.

Again, if you're a UFA next summer, and you have a team that went no where the previous seasons, that was on the verge of bankruptcy, you sign there if you get the same type of contract elsewhere??..
Overpaying might be their only option, but seeing as the cap is rumored to drop in 2years, and with Vinny/St-Louis/Malone/Meszaros, signing another big UFA to a long term deal won't be the best idea.
You also have 13 FA next season..

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