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08-09-2004, 08:33 AM
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Originally Posted by Chief
I wonder how many people would be talking about Prucha if there wasn't that crazy web rumor that McPhee was going to trade the #1 overall for Prucha????
you gotta be kidding me?? first off that would require anyone believing that rumor in the first place and second the rumor was that mcphee like prucha as part of a package. you are making it sound like the rumor was prucha for the #1 overall straight up, and that isn't even close to the would have been a package were prucha was included with tyutin, our 1st and probably more...

that said...ALL positive talk about prucha and i mean ALL were generated by his play and by the fact that he lineup next to jagr on the czech's pp during the world championships and held his own against nhl talent. and the trade rumor you mentioned was based on his play at the world championships, so to say it is just based on the trade rumor is dumb since his play is what generated the rumor

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