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Originally Posted by zakhawk91 View Post

I'm 17 years old, play hockey for my school and play travel as well. In October, I herniated a disc in my lower back in a practice and felt immediate pain, but played through it until earlier this month because of severe pain in my left leg.
It turns out that a disc slipped and is pushing up against my sciatic nerve, causing leg pain. I've been doing physical therapy for a week now, and my therapist was very happy with the progress I have made over the week by doing the stretches and stuff he told me to do. His goal is to get me skating again in two weeks.

I haven't skated in about 2 in a half weeks, and I wanted to know if anyone went through this or has any good advice on what I could do to stay in shape so I can hit the ice ready to go. Keep in mind though that I am not allowed to run, go to the gym, or play hockey though.

Sorry about the long post, I just thought it might be important to include this information
got the same problem, same left leg symptoms and everything, which means we probably herniated the same discs or thereabouts. it still persists every now and then for me. it's a slow road to getting back in top form. depending on the degree of the herniation, it may take longer to get back to 100% and if it's severe enough, you may never get there at all (look at what happened to Eric Daze...). Pain meds help on a temporary basis but basically all you can do is stretch and stay active. in the beginning, take it easy and avoid bending over excessively at all costs, it only inflames the nerves more and causes more pain. don't sit for long stretches of time either. if you're in class, you may have to stand up from time to time and just stretch your back. it may be embarrassing but it helps. Also, the looser your leg muscles are, the less pain you will experience. Running helps me now but I would avoid it if I were you until I was sure I was ready. i herniated my disc near february or march some time (i was 17 then too) and i still feel some pain now and then but it's less frequent. i did several sessions of physical therapy and while it helped for a short while and i learned valuable techniques, i gotta be honest, i don't really use em that much out of laziness. if you want a faster recovery though, i would suggest doing everything i didn't haha Hope that helps.

P.S. I forgot to mention that if your back pain gets worse but your leg pain disappears, that's a good sign. It means the inflammation is going down and the herniation is receding. No one told me that at first so I was worried when my back got worse for a while.

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