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Originally Posted by HabsoluteFate View Post
I was at the all-star game this weekend and met Dickie Moore on Saturday. Basically this is how it went:

He was walking with what I'm assuming was his wife...i looked at him because i could swear i recognized the face i just could not place who he was. I was about 90% sure he had played for the Canadiens (hey give me a break i saw him on tv maybe a couple of times and not live...i wasnt even bord by the time he went into the hockey hall of fame i'm sure)

Anyways i did not say a word and he made the initial contact by saying hello. I said hello back and then I asked him if he played for the Canadiens. His answer was "no" and he walked away.

During the all-star game the following day they were presenting some of the players and who do I see as one of the players presented? well you obviously know the answer...needless to say i couldnt believe the guy responded this way...

not sure if he didnt like the fact that i couldnt place his name but i have to say i'm disapointed

Well basically insulted the guy by not knowing who he was and by asking if he played for the Habs. Sure he could have been a little warmer to you, but thats like asking Gordie Howe if he played with the Red Wings.

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