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01-27-2009, 09:32 PM
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Melanson: the jury is out...

I know that the timing of this thread is not well chosen, I'll admit that much, but there is something about our coaching staff that has been bothering me for a few years now and that's the techniques coached by Roland Melanson to our goaltenders.

I have played at that position for many years. I have coached that position for about as many years. That certainly doesn't make me an expert on the matter, far from there, but there are details that I notice that may (or may not) go unnoticed when looking at our goaltenders, and they seem to be repetitive no matter what goalie we have in net.

I fully understand that the butterfly style relies heavily on the goalies going down on their knees. In order to be effective though, the technique and the timing must be dead on or goalies really put themselves in a very vulnerable position. I'm sick and tired of seeing our goalies go down on just about every single shot, whether they're screened or not, no matter where the shot is coming from. It is extremely difficult to stop a puck shot up high when you're down on your knees, much harder than it is to stop a low shot when you're standing up. The goals on Price at the ASG are just a few examples. Lecavalier's goal tonight is just another one. Although their skills level may differ, Huet, Aebischer and Halak all have (had) the same flaws.

I feel that although Price is doing quite well, we have yet to tap into his immense talent and I highly doubt that we ever will, that he'll ever become the shadow of Patrick Roy or the other greats we've been fortunate to see in Montreal if Melanson is his coach.

Patrick Roy became the player that we know because of François Allaire, and he's admitted to that in several occasions. The guy knows the butterfly and he worked with Patrick in perfecting his timing and his positioning.

We need to get this guy back into our organization and quickly.

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