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01-27-2009, 09:45 PM
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Post game thread (Habs lose 5-3)


They all played like crap, I dont know whats happening with Plekanec but the guy is quite atrocious since the begin of the season, he is playing without any confidence.. Its time Carbo have a meeting face to face with him..

Our bottom defensemen played like crap again tonight.. Brisebois Gorges Bouillon have been atrocious lately, Hamrlik is having some real tough time as well, certainly not playing like a top 3 at the moment.. Gorges is exposed at the moment, I always thought he was hugely overrated on this board, he has a big heart, a good hockey sense but has pretty limited skills.. He is a good bottom pairing defenseman, nothing more and please Carbo, stop playing him on our PP!!

Lang was sleeping in the first, if he had been a little bit more awake, the game would have been quite different.. Didnt play pretty good in the second and third either..

On the positives, Kovalev was pretty good, had some moments with Paccioretty, was playing with passion, working hard and skating well..Plekanec was clearly the one dragging the line down..

I really liked OByrne tonight, especially in the second and third period, I thought his timing was great and was pretty overall effective..

The rest of the team had a good game in the whole, we have been pretty unlucky tonight but we couldnt score the ****ing goal that could have changed the result of the game.. Lightnings had very little chances but they just scored on about everything, they havent been the best team on the ice tonight, we clearly were.. Thats the kind of games Price dreams of when making nightmares, probably the most frustrating game of the season for him..

I thought we played well and surely deserved better but if we keep playing like that and the ones I wrote above play better hockey, Im not worried at all!

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