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01-27-2009, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
I guess you're one of the very few who watched tonight's game cheering for the bolts. Your arena was completely empty. I get that you care. Come to Montreal. Pay $300 just to squeak into the arena for a game. See what the difference is. The contract, that he HAS the contract no matter what happens, I think (and obviously this is speculation based on observation) that he has been hit with a dose of Habs-mania, something that even Montreal has only realized since last year when we realized we might have finally arrived (even though we've always been sold out).
Only took what, 100 years and 20-some odd cups to build a fan base? Come on man. People act like they get 18000 Joes off the street for every game when most of these arenas are filled by corporate sponsors. Have the bolts struggled and had lower attendance lately? Yep. Don't sit back and act like this team hasn't done anything for the last 10 years. There are diehard fans here, just like there are diehard fans there. You just come from long generations of fans, we're working on that last part.

I don't think he's desperate at all. Nowhere near demanding a trade. He's not Lindros. Of course he loves his team and has had great times there (unfortunately including tonight), but I do think he really really wants to play for the Habs given the chance. Also, those commercials were for you guys (south of the border), we don't really need them. They also don't mean anything btw, are you claiming everyone who was in the EXACT same commercial will never leave? They'll probably leave for lesser reasons than fulfilling a destiny. Last time I checked he's not the mayor. He might be if he moved back home. Also, how does one make an estimation like that? Poll? of the 500 people who were at the game? I think 499 were Habs fans. Personally I just wish our team played to their potential. Then I wouldn't care about Vinny. Enjoy him for however long he's yours, he is truly awesome.
Uh, 499 of 500 fans... exaggeration much? From everything i've gathered from Vinny through interviews, face to face interactions, he is extremely loyal to the Tampa area and loves being here. Of course everyone thinks about the "home team" but these tastes change over time and he seems to be happier about staying here.

You know, that really irks me about other "traditional" teams. I've spent a lot of time in and out of Montreal over the past three years with a certain temperamental french girl, and I was lucky enough to sit down with quite a few people and discuss hockey in a rational manner. We discussed the ins and outs of both the Tampa and Montreal clubs, financial status, the fanbase. While some were surprised that I knew so much about hockey (and immediately assumed I grew up in the north but migrated south), some really realized that hockey is catching on here. Its not an overnight thing, it takes a generation or two to really get going.

Sure, it probably would take 20 some odd cups and 100 years to build the fanbase and culture that Montreal has. I love that about the city. As much of a baseball and football fan I am, if this town was 100% hockey crazy all the time, i'd be in heaven. We don't have that luxury right now, but perhaps one day we will. It is very tiring to hear about how we don't deserve someone, we don't deserve a team when fans do show up, even through the **** years, but I guess that is how things go with southern hockey.

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