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Originally Posted by davedave View Post
That's kind of the point, if we take Armstrong at his word. Somebody would have destroyed Lapierre for the butt-end in an NHL that condoned ice-level justice. I doubt that Lapierre would have butt-ended Crosby if there was a real threat of punishment without consequences beyond a 5 minute major and some bloody knuckles.
Once again, you only think good can come out of gang behaviour. It's simply not true.

Take the Tropp incident. Two Michigan State players erroneously thought that Tropp had been cheapshotted. They raced to avenge the hit! Only they were wrong.

Now the Michigan U guys might have escalated things further, to take out the stick-swinger, and so forth.

You assume that the best fighter is always playing on the side of the angels, but what if he isn't? Does that mean that whichever team has the best fighter in the league can cheapshot anyone they want?

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