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01-28-2009, 06:01 AM
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Originally Posted by mario66lemieux View Post
It's been argued a lot, especially over the past few years, but bringing in a superstar is what the habs truly need.

Someone who will bring up the level of play of the whole team, someone you can count on to PRODUCE CONSISTENTLY, and at impotant times and situations in a game.

Someone who does not hide when the going gets tough, or have a list of excuses as to why they lost.

Look around the real contenders in the league, and you will see they have at least one superstar forward, or a great goal scorer on the team.

Washington- Ovechkin (31 goals in 47 games) and Semin (18 in 31 games)

Bruins- Savard (57 pts in 48 games) and Kessel (24 goals in 42 games)

Flyers: Carter (30 goals in 47 games), Gagne (20 in 44 games)

Devils: Parise (28 goals in 48 games), Elias (21 goals in 48 games)

Even the lower teams have some consistent producers, like Buffalo with Vanek's 29 goals and Roy's 47 pts, heck even the Panthers have a guy on pace for 40 goals (David Booth). We're one of the only teams in the east, except for the Isles, Leafs and Rangers with no consistent point producer or star. It's real depressing. Our best forward is on pace for 60 pts! 60! That's 38 year old Robert Lang, who is having a "TERRIFIC" season according to most here.

Even Mike Ribeiro had higher totals for us 5 years ago with 65 and we were complaining how bad we were offensively.

This team needs a Kovalchuk or a Lecavalier, if it EVER wants to be more then a pretender.

There I got this off my chest.
you'll be disappointed if you think Philly and Washington are "real" contenders, real contenders usually have a GOOD to GREAT #1 goalie, wich neither team have... seriously, you think there's 4 or 5 contenders on each side (east-west) or what ?

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