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Originally Posted by Wild Turkey View Post
Every game can't be a good game and by extension every year can't be a good year. He's still young and inconsistent. He is a good complimentary player. He's having trouble satisfying raised expectations and producing consistently and it's looking like he'll have trouble creating his own offence (Last year he benefited from Kovalev's great play and the space that created).

It is not a good time to trade T.Pleakanec. I think your idea of sending him a message may work, but it might also be ineffective as it may be "pointing the finger" at him. Granted he's a pro and should be able to deal with some blame, but Kovy's probably more used to it so I'd place it on his shoulders.

I'd move Kovy down to the 3rd/4th line for a game or part of, before tinkering with Plekanec.

Sooner or later he'll have to start producing though...
I think that Plex is the kind of player that would take it like a men, he a good competitor and an inteligent little girl. I want him to become the player he was last year, and right now he has no threat on the team, nobody can take his spot. If Carbo has benched Sergeď, Lapierre and Lats, plus a couple of veterans, i dont see where Plex, still young, have become untuchable.

I like this player but he has become the epithomy of a small, soft perimeter player. He needs a shaking to get his game together.

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