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01-28-2009, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by kostitsyn1489 View Post
Ok name me the players that didnt float in the past 3 games?

Tanguay, Dandenault, Laraque, Halak, Higgins and O'Byrne.

Lapierre's line was bad in the 2 games before the ASG, they were good last night.(I dont care about points)

I just find funny how Akost doesnt score for 3 games and he sucks for the last 4-5 games. I've rarely seen people being as bipolar when it comes to a player then Akost. If he scores omg what a great player, if he deosnt he's useless, he sucks and he floats. Even tho we are 0-3 and the whole team cant do anything.
wow is akost your SON or something???? i find it wierd that ppl get vadge-hurt when their man-crushes are underperforming ><

goal scorers that dont score are..... 7 letter word.
fighters that dont fight are...
grinders that dont grind are...

i dont care if he doesnt score every single game. Show me, at least, that you WANT to be out there and that you're doing your best to make things happen. Throw a check, get your nose dirty, take some shots. do SOMETHING. thats why im saying hes a floater. hes not doing anything to compensate his lack of production. that goes for anyone, not just big Drei.

when Kirk Muller couldnt find the back of the net for a coupla games, you could see he was going to give it his all in the following games. hed take that puck with his bare teeth and drive the net.

idono, maybe im wrong. maybe a floater team is what we need. we should appreciate our floaters. after all, they got us talking this mornin.


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