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01-28-2009, 10:13 AM
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My take on Plekanec.

The reason why he had a career year is he was playing with Kovy and AK46. Both had pretty good years as well. Basically, that line came out of no where, no one expected things from them, thus were not prepared for that line. At the same time, AK46 didn't have the same confidence level that I think he has this year. That's why it meshed. They depended on Kovalev.

In the playoffs teams figured out how to shut that line down. AK46 grew from that, no longer feels he needs to depend on kovy for points. Pleks on the other hand, has lost confidence. You could see it in the playoffs last year. When he tries to enter the offensive, he does a little spin move instead of charging. He's gonna get leveled with a concussion soon. He's not getting his good quality chances like last year. I mean, last night...he was horrible. Kovalev on the other had a good game. MaxPAc had a good game.

I knew there was going to be a problem with him earlier this year when he had 1 game with 14 goal.

The only area where plekanec is REALLY solid is on the PK. Ever wonder why pleks is never in the shootout ?? Carbs and company must know something about him, IE, horrible shot, easy to read, something.

I just think that pleks has stopped grown as a player. I think that whole line last year got a free pass. No one knew who pleks and ak46 were. Now they do. The thing is players like Kovalev and AK46 can adapt to change. While they are having OK seasons, pleks I don't think can adapt, and it REALLY SHOWS.

Anyhow, my 2c

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